Brandon T. Kowalski

Geek, programmer & ambivert.

Co-Founder at Abstract Elemental

Software Engineer at Cornell University

side projects


is a utility that provides a web interface to a fake SMTP server. Use it to test your application's email capabilities.


is a web application that allows school administrators to easily create & send notices out to their campus community.


is a simple library for sending emails powered by Freemarker. No postman or milkman to steal your mom here.

work projects

Freedom on the Move

is a crowdsourcing endeavor to transcribe Antebellum runaway slave advertisements.


Metadata-Driven Gamification

was presented at NADDI 2017 & discussess how the Freedom on the Move project leverages metadata in order to provide a rewarding experience.

giving back

Day with Code

is a weekend workshop for middle schoolers that teaches the fundamentals of programming using Scratch.


Kowalski RnD

If there was an island of misfit toys for code, this would be the reference implementation.

archived wares

Happy Observation

is a platform that allows one to report on the hedonic & eudaimonic levels of happiness in one's community.



where all the code lands. Good or bad.


is where you will most likely will see me ranting at a terrible cable company.