Brandon T. Kowalski

Geek, programmer & ambivert.

current roles

Cornell Center for Social Sciences

[August 2016 - Now]

software engineer responsible for facilitating end-user goals, data collection, software architecture and grant writing

Abstract Elemental

[August 2017 - Now]

co-founder of an Ithaca based software development firm

past roles


[June 2014 - May 2016]

software developer of retirement industry related products

work projects


microservice that snags metadata from popular statistical software files



library that loads tagged sql queries by name for use in your application


library for sending emails powered by Freemarker

side projects


utility that provides a web interface to a fake SMTP server


Rediscovering the Stories of
 Self-Liberating People

IASSIST 2019 | Sydney, NSW, AU

explores the launch of Freedom on the Move and our desire to link disparate data sources

Curiosity's Fulcrum

IASSIST 2018 | Montréal, QC, CA

explores how to leverage the citizen historian to explore and transcribe the history of the Antebellum South

Metadata-Driven Gamification

NADDI 2017 | Ithaca, NY, USA

explores how the Freedom on the Move project leverages metadata in order to provide a rewarding experience

giving back

Day with Code

weekend workshop for middle schoolers that teaches the fundamentals of programming using Scratch



identity verification & public key


where all the fruits of my free time ends up


where I complain about my internet service