Brandon T. Kowalski

Geek, programmer & ambivert.

current roles

Cornell University

[May 2016 - Now]

software engineer at the Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research (CISER)

Abstract Elemental

[August 2017 - Now]

co-founder of an Ithaca based software development firm

past roles

Envisage Information Systems

[June 2014 - May 2016]

software developer of various retirement industry related products

side projects


lightweight storage for your programming notes


utility that provides a web interface to a fake SMTP server. Use it to test your application's email capabilities


application that allows school administrators to easily create & send notices out to their campus community


library for sending emails powered by Freemarker

work projects


Curiosity's Fulcrum

presented at IASSIST 2018 & and explores how to leverage the citizen historian to explore and transcribe the history of the Antebellum South

Metadata-Driven Gamification

presented at NADDI 2017 & discussess how the Freedom on the Move project leverages metadata in order to provide a rewarding experience

giving back

Day with Code

a weekend workshop for middle schoolers that teaches the fundamentals of programming using Scratch

the sandbox

Kowalski R&D

if there was an island of misfit code, this is the reference implementation



identity verification & public key


where all the fruits of my free time ends up


where I complain about my internet service